Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Farmers Market

A dogwood in full dress and a trip to the Farmers market tell me that spring is here in full force. Get out there and DANCE!

Joy full and Art full journal entries

I ams starting a joy journal to make art about those things that make me happy and joyful. You might do the same. This is a collage picture of a chocolate garden where pixies live and gypsies dance and we are all seduced by beautiful chocolates of flavors of our heart's desire. Can you think of anything more joy-full? As the trees burst into full bloom and Mistress spring arrives, just imagine yourself sitting in a garden of chocolates or whatever else makes your heart sing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

art full and tantalizing billboard

Derby Day has come and gone with the greatest upset in recent times. A real hometown boy comes from behind and steals the show. What a victory for all hard working talents who remain unsung in this world.A photo of some Derby Hats to celebrate his victory,. On another disparate note, in the Philly airport, what do I see but this FABU billboard advertising a cell phone of all things! How art-full can you get

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nurses' Art Full Works/ Breathing Beads

Here are some breathing beads made by Helping Hands for their own self care. Just string together colorful beads leaving a space so that they can move on the string or wire. Attach a small charm or "talisman" to the end of the string. Now, with each movement of each bead breathe in and out slowly. At the end of the strand you will feel relaxed. The number of beads and length of string is up to you. Make it your choice.

Wherever you go there are fabulous sites. this was a recent trip to the Northern Sar Desert in Arabia to help a women's rug weaving cooperative.We took some time off to see remnants of a village and this staircase was all that was left.